1. Offers and Orders

All offers from Mietmöbel Föhr Gesellschaft m.b.H. are only valid for the period stated in the offer. Unless otherwise stated, offers are generally valid for 14 days from the date of issue, an extension of the validity period is possible at any time. They are always prepared individually and sent in writing, either by e-mail or fax. The order is considered confirmed as soon as the offer is returned to Föhr by fax or post. Confirmations by e-mail are also valid without a signature.

  1. Cancellation

Unless otherwise agreed, an order can be cancelled free of charge up to two weeks before delivery/collection. Thereafter, 50% of the order value (excluding transport and cleaning costs) will be charged. In the event of cancellation within 48 hours prior to delivery or collection, the full amount of the order may be charged. However, an offset against future orders can be agreed.

  1. Rental rates

Die im Angebot angeführten Preise verstehen sich pro Stück und Tag bzw. für die im Angebot angeführte Mietdauer, exklusive 20% Mehrwertsteuer. Transport und Manipulation werden gesondert verrechnet. The rental period is based on the agreed times including delivery and collection of the items. If the rented items are not returned as agreed or if they cannot be collected, the rental agreement is automatically extended and the corresponding rent per day and the additional costs will be charged.

Glasses, porcelain and cutlery are counted, cleaned and polished by hand by Mietmöblel Föhr Gesellschaft m.b.H. after return. Additional cleaning costs of 10 ct per item will be charged for this. No cleaning will be charged for unused or broken glass, porcelain or cutlery in their original packaging.

  1. Delivery and Collection

In principle, all rental items are delivered by employees of Mietmöbel Föhr Gesellschaft m.b.H. and the costs are calculated according to the scope of delivery, time and distance from the event location. These costs are shown separately in the offer.

The assembly and disassembly of rental items are not included in the rental price and will be charged according to actual expenditure. When Föhr delivers and collects the rental items, the hirer must ensure that a person is present to confirm receipt of the rental items by signing the delivery note. Sofern keine Person anwesend ist, gilt der Empfang der Mietgegenstände automatisch bestätigt und akzeptiert. Bei Übernahme beginnt die Haftung des Mieters für die gelieferten Mietgegenstände, wobei diese durch die Firma Föhr nur gegen Feuer versichert sind. Föhr recommends insuring the rental items against other risks for the rental period.

  1. Self-collection

Crockery, cutlery and glassware as well as selected items of furniture can be collected by the customer in suitable vehicles during designated business hours by prior arrangement.

The client’s liability for the rental items provided by Mietmöbel Föhr Gesellschaft m.b.H. begins with the loading of his transport vehicle. The hirer must ensure safe transport so that neither persons nor objects are damaged. The tenant’s liability for the rented items ends after the written confirmation of the return by Mietmöbel Föhr Gesellschaft m.b.H. If no employee of Mietmöbel Föhr Gesellschaft m.b.H. is present for the return and the rented items remain on the premises of Mietmöbel Föhr Gesellschaft m.b.H. until Mietmöbel Föhr Gesellschaft m.b.H. takes them back.

  1. Terms of payment – Default of payment

The invoice will be sent by post after the goods have been returned.The stated amount is to be transferred to the specified bank account without deduction within the specified payment period. If the hirer collects the goods himself, a deposit fee may be charged, which will be deducted from the final invoice amount. Cash payment is also possible – either at the Föhr business premises or by prior arrangement with the carrier.

Default interest of 10% shall be deemed agreed for each case of default in payment. Furthermore, in the event of default, the tenant is obliged to reimburse all costs incurred as a result, in particular reminder fees and collection costs, including those of a commercial factoring company or debt collection agency.

Safety information

The tenant must ensure that electric and gas-powered objects are used properly and only by persons over the age of 18. The tenant must comply with the instructions for use. On request, Föhr employees can provide on-site training. The hirer must ensure an appropriate safety distance from flammable parts of the building and furnishings. The hirer is liable for all damage caused by improper handling.

  1. Damage, breakage and loss

The tenant is obliged to treat the items provided to him carefully and properly and to have them guarded if necessary. Furthermore, he must ensure that the rented property is in proper condition upon delivery or collection by himself and must immediately notify the lessor of any defects and, if necessary, request a replacement. If the Lessee fails to give notice of defects without delay, the rented item shall be deemed to have been properly delivered in terms of quality and quantity. Eine Überlassung an Dritte oder Verbringung an andere Orte, insbesondere außerhalb der Republik Österreich, ist untersagt, es sei denn, es wurde dies ausdrücklich vereinbart. Der Mieter trägt die Verantwortung für das Leihgut von der Übernahme bis zur Rückgabe der Ware. It is irrelevant whether the delivery is made by Föhr, by third parties or by the tenant himself (self-collection).

Broken and missing crockery, cutlery and transport containers as well as damaged or missing rental items will be charged at the replacement or repair price at the discretion of Mietmöbel Föhr Gesellschaft m.b.H..

  1. Ownership

Irrespective of the rental relationship, the rented items are the property of Mietmöbel Föhr Gesellchaft m.b.H. Furthermore, the tenant must keep all rented items free from third-party rights.

  1. Place of jurisdiction

The law of the Republic of Austria shall apply exclusively to all disputes arising from or in connection with the rental agreement. The place of jurisdiction is exclusively the competent court in Vienna.

In all other respects, the General Terms and Conditions of Mietmöbel Föhr Gesellschaft m.b.H. shall apply in their current version.

Version from 17 March 2018